Creator of Conscious Resolutions, Counsellor, Mentor and Personal Change Coach, Business and Workplace Relations Mediation, Relationship Counsellor, Workshop/Keynote Speaker, Group Facilitator, Programme Creator and Coach towards Holistic Spiritual Wellness.


Hi, I am Kerrie Lisa and I am the founder of Conscious Resolutions. Here is a little about me.

When I was in my mid teens, I picked up my first book on Psychology. From that moment on, I was sold. I had always loved observing people and found others so incredibly intriguing. From the time I began to read that book, my passion for understanding humanity took me on a journey that I love, and I know will never cease. I am now a qualified Counsellor, have completed Gottman Cert 1 Clinical Training for Couples Therapy and  have 30+ years of personal research knowledge in the field of human behaviour and disorders – and the research continues!  Additional to this, I have experience in large corporate Investment Management, Financial Management,  many years in Company Operations Management and administration,  and have worked in areas of Commercial and Residential Property Management (including international), Complaints Management and Retail Management.  At the age of 19 years, I was handed the accounts of a large retail multiplex and was being groomed to become the accounts manager and purchaser of high-end fashion clothing. I’ve been incredibly blessed to have such a diverse range of employment and qualifications. Experiences which, I know for certain, have given me an expansive comprehension of the challenges people face in many arenas of life such as employment, finances, spirituality, love, grief, and so much more.

My journey to this venture – CONSCIOUS RESOLUTIONS – is grounded in my love and passion for people and to see them flourish.  I have dedicated my last 10 years to research, study and training in the field of human relations and social science, in particular, counselling.  My journey continues as an ever evolving and expanding process.   Some, and perhaps much of my experience is based on very real and painful personal life tragedies which I have lived through and grown through.    With personal application and implementation of what I have learnt and experienced, and with some very great mentors, teachers and coaches – my passion and love is to do what others have done for me. And that is, to create that well needed place of reflection, dialogue, process, acceptance, love, grace, accountability and copious amounts of wisdom.

Love and Blessings to you all.


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