Holistic and Integrative Counselling is not just about solving problems; it’s about changing that which does not work for you and learning new ways of becoming and relating.

Relational, financial, personal, emotional, physical, trauma, vocational.


Are your connections met with the same negative outcomes over and over?

Connection Coaching and Personal Development is about you and your significant other; you and your family; you and your extended family; you and your family of origin; you and your work colleagues; you and others; and your connection to self.


What does it mean to live true freedom? Freedom and Personal Sovereignty is about you becoming the intuitive being that your were created to be. These sessions will be based on learning to feel, express and become you. There is a definite growth process that must take place for you to move toward personal freedom. Through learning to feel deeply, we are able to connect deep and achieve intimacy.

So why choose Conscious Resolutions?

At Conscious Resolutions, I have not only done the research and qualified, but have also applied the process, personally to my own life and have assisted many others to do so. I have lived the changes and successfully navigated many obstacles. This website was born out of a desire to help others walk that path of personal growth and relational success. Many years of research and personal experience has lead to the creation of a unique blend of theoretical practice and quantum physics. Much of my work is founded upon the view of men and women being whole and complete sovereign beings. Distressing or pressing issues are addressed in a way that does not break one down to a set of problems – which is really unhealthy for the soul. Women and men have everything they need within themselves to grow and change, they merely need a non-judgemental and compassionate environment to have the freedom to express and some guided assistance in bringing out what is often deeply hidden. As a counsellor and mentor, it is an absolute honour and pleasure to assist you in finding your truth and your place. Sometimes change is extremely difficult and arduous, especially if done alone. Start with a self honouring and wise decision today, invest in yourself. Inquire here.

Counsel in the heart, is like water in a deep well; a person of understanding will draw it out.


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My vision is to see people grow and become their authentic self and engage with life as an on-going reflective and growth journey. True success is evident in a life of contentedness, compassion, courage and benevolence.

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